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MiRo-Sim is a 3D simulator of the MiRo robot that includes models of most of the platforms sensors and all of the degrees of freedom (ways of moving). Based on the open source Gazebo physics engine, MiRo-Sim allows developers to create and pre-test algorithms in simulation before porting them to the robot via the wireless link. 

MiRo-Sim is available for download when you purchase your MiRo robot developer kit and can be obtained in advance of delivery of your robot (instructions provided on purchase). We provide a multi-user licence meaning that the simulator can be run on several computers at the same time to support multiple development threads. 


MiRo-Sim is also suited to classroom teaching, allowing students to pilot their work in the model before testing on the MiRo platform. Students can work in parallel on the simulator and take turns to test their control software on the physical robot.