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2 Munden St
London, W14 0RH
United Kingdom



Consequential Robotics is a service-robotics startup developing solutions for applications in homecare, health, education, and lifestyle. Founded by the leading UK consumer product designer, Sebastian Conran, Professor Tony Prescott, Director of the Sheffield Robotics research institute, and biomimetic roboticist Dr Ben Mitchinson, the company’s main focus is developing assistive robotic systems that will enhance quality of life as people age.

About US

Consequential Robotics delivers the best of British & international design and engineering to the development of next generation consumer and commercial robots.  We aim to create new robot platforms that are inclusively designed, attractive, effective and helpful, with the long-term aim to enhance the quality of human life.  

Our emphasis is on understanding how people will use robots in their lives at home, at work, and in shared spaces.  Robots will be the eyes, ears and hands of the intelligent house or the smart office, designed to work quietly, safely and unobtrusively; complementing and assisting people not to replacing them.  Working closely with our academic and industrial collaborators, Consequential employs the latest artificial intelligence, navigation, mechatronic, human-machine interface, rapid prototyping and flexible manufacturing technologies to create robots that are likeable, reliable, and easy to use.

Our Approach

Building on biomimetics: Consequential is pioneering a bio-inspired or biomimetic approach to robot control that leads to graceful, expressive and intrinsically safe behaviour in robots by understanding the principles underlying intelligent behaviour in humans and animals, and reinventing these in elegant and novel robot designs.

Appropriate autonomy:  Our robots will have the right level of intelligence for the tasks they perform and intuitive interfaces that make use of spoken word, gesture recognition, and are interfaced to the wireless world of cloud computing.  A focus on power efficiency, self-homing and recharging capabilities mean our robots will be ready and available when users need them.

Human-Centered design:  Understanding the practical needs of our users as well as their emotional wants and dreams. Building fulfilling relationships between people & devices by developing  engaging personalities for assistive technology.

Who we are

Sebastian Conran FCSD
Co-founder Design

Director of Sebastian Conran Associates, is a leading designer/innovator. Designer in Residence to University of Sheffield science faculty; Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts London [2009-2012],; Hon. Fellow of the Royal College of Art; Hon. Doctor of Technology at Loughborough University; Hon. Fellow, University of the Arts London; Hon. Doctor of Arts, University of Hertford; Chair Home Office’s Design & Technology Alliance [2008-2011]; Chair Creative Industries KTN; Chair of Innovate UK’s Design Special Interest Group; Trustee of the Design Council [2009-2011]; Trustee of D&AD 2005-2009]; Trustee of the Design Museum; Fellow of: Royal Society of Arts; and Chartered Society of Designers.


Prof. Tony Prescott MA MSc PhD FBPsS
Co-founder Cognition

Tony is a leading researcher in biomimetic robotics and artificial intelligence with over twenty-five years experience. After graduating in Psychology, he obtained a Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Machine Learning. Tony has authored more than 150 publications, and co-founded the Living Machines conference series and annual international conference that highlights progress in the field of biomimetic systems. With his collaborators he has developed a variety of animal-like robotic systems, including the whiskered robots Scratchbot and Shrewbot.  His current research is focused on developing cognitive capabilities for advanced humanoid and animal-like robots modelled on natural intelligence. 


Dr Ben Mitchinson BSc PhD
Co-founder Control

Ben has worked for more than 15 years on a range of robotic projects focusing on sensing, motor control and navigation aspects of mobile autonomous robots. He has broad experience with a range of robot platforms and programming languages, and lead the development of the BRAHMS robot process management system used by several robot laboratories in the UK and across Europe.


David Lane CBE FREng FRSE

David brings 35 years of international commercial and research experience in robotics to the team. As Founder and CEO of SeeByte Ltd/Inc he grew a multi-million $ UK/US business in defence and offshore markets based in Edinburgh and San Diego. The company won the 2010 Praxis-Unico Business Impact Achieved Award and 2013 Scottish Digital Technology Award for International Growth. David was lead author of the UK RAS2020 Strategy for Lord Willets in 2014 and is advisor to the 8 Great Technology Venture Fund, BAe Systems Corporate Foresight Panel and Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub. David trained as an electrical engineer with nearly 200 publications, cited more than 4000 times he is founding Director and Professor in the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics.


Our research partners

Consequential Robotics works with a range of UK and International partners to design and develop next generation robotic systems.

Sheffield Robotics - Our lead research and academic collaborator is Sheffield Robotics, combining expertise across two Universities, Sheffield Robotics includes over one hundred active researchers.

Tharsus - UK based specialist developers and manufacturers of robotic systems

Buzzamo - California based electronic systems developers

Gadget Lab - Production engineers and quality control specialists

Inclusiviti - UK based specialists in developing & supplying assistive technology