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Innovative and fast-growing: CqR wins Small Business Grant


Read about Consequential Robotics point of view on the latest robotics news, updates and trends. Learn more about the future of social robots and the impact they have on the quality of life as people age. Our writers will share robotics research ideas and challenges to the robotics community.

Innovative and fast-growing: CqR wins Small Business Grant

Consequential Robotics

When CqR Co-founder Sebastian Conran learned about the grant available to small businesses, he wasted no time filling out the quick and easy online form with a chance of securing £5000 for CqR!

Not long after, we were delighted to learn that we were the winners of May’s £5000 grant! Needless to say, we're more than happy with the outcome. View the video to hear from Sebastian himself as he talks about his love for robots and how we applied for the Small Business grant.

Co-founder Sebastian Conran is all smiles!

Co-founder Sebastian Conran is all smiles!

Why did we win?

Described by the Small Business Grants judges as innovative and fast-growing, they were impressed by CqR's disruptive nature. Rupert Lee-Browne, chief executive of Caxton says, ‘Consequential Robotics is a stand-out business that has a strong mission and a very strong future. It is innovative, fast-growing and has the potential to be a world-leader in personal robotics.’

How do we feel?

As a young business with ambitious growth plans, we’re appreciative of the support from Sebastian Conran says, ‘Support from could make a very substantial difference to our potential to succeed in our ambition of becoming a world leader in personal robotics, with a goal of reaching annual sales in excess of £20 million by 2022.’  

Our growth

In 2017, CQR launched its first robot research platform MiRo-B, the first of a planned range of companion robots for applications in social care, education, and research. Since its launch, almost 100 MiRo-B’s have been shipped to organisations all over the world, with globally recognised brands becoming MiRo customers.

MiRo-B has received international critical acclaim, winning the best demonstration award at the 2017 Human Robot Interaction conference, appearing in the media many times including the Guardian and BBC One Show, and featured prominently in the UKTI’s international Innovation is Great Campaign.

With more innovations planned for the future of UK robotics in social care, education and research, stay tuned with our latest product developments by signing up for our mailing list here.

Fancy a chance of winning £5000?

If you’re a small business that has been running for more than six months, simply apply here for your chance to win!

*This is a modified blog post from the British Small Business Grants website.