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Introducing third generation MiRo: MiRo-E, evolved for education


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Introducing third generation MiRo: MiRo-E, evolved for education

Consequential Robotics

October 9th, 2018 is a special day for MiRo and the team. At the start of 2017, MiRo began it’s journey as a research platform for universities. Fast forward twelve months and MiRo is being used by universities all over the world. During that time, MiRo continued to develop as the sophisticated, fully programmable platform for researchers and developers. Today, as we arrive towards the end of the second year, following months of intense research and work from the product development and technical team, early MiRo has been reengineered into third generation MiRo! 3G MiRo has been evolved for education and will be ready to fascinate the future generation of technology talent that are studying in schools near you today!

Without further ado, we would like to introduce Miro-E to our friends at universities and to the wider educational community! Our initial launch will kick off tomorrow at Asia’s largest education technology show - EdTech in Singapore. We are inviting all educators and technologists to come and meet MiRo-E and to hear about all of the cool new features and functionality designed to stimulate and accelerate STEM learning in today’s modern classroom.

Professor MiRo could be visiting a school near you soon!

Professor MiRo could be visiting a school near you soon!

But if you are not in Singapore, don’t fret because you can read more about MiRo-E, evolved for education below. What’s more, you can meet a host of MiRo-E’s in a few months time at BETT 2019 - Europe’s largest education technology show!

Why is MiRo-E right for your classroom?

MiRo-E is an advanced AI robot adapted for education with robust hardware and a specialised programming interface to facilitate students coding.

Optimised: With 10 degrees of freedom, a wide sensor array and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity, MiRo-E provides unparalleled interaction with people and its environment. The user-friendly interface gives students a unique workspace to follow a curriculum, or test their own code on a simulated MiRo. This can then be run on the Raspberry Pi within the physical robot. Allowing several students to develop their own behaviours using a mix of established text and block-based programming languages, with just a few MiRos.

Friendly: MiRo-E’s engaging pet-like appearance stands out from other educational robots, and immediately stimulates student’s imaginations. They learn how to code, implementing their creative ideas, through MiRo-E’s highly featured platform.

Versatile: A perfect fit for any classroom, including SEN and student emotional care. MiRo-E can be used from KS1-KS5, and in various subjects, to provide a well balanced multi-level learning experience. Example modules help guide educators to develop learning materials and encourage teamworking.

New organs for MiRo E.

New organs for MiRo E.

If you enjoyed this preview, then watch this space and stay tuned for further details about MiRo-E!

More information at: or email for a demonstration or to pre-order your MiRo-E.